Awareness and Prevention of Heat Stroke

When exercising in the hot and humid summer months, it is important to be aware of the possibility of heat stroke.  Here are some tips to prevent heat stroke from happening to you or your loved ones: 1.) Pick the right time of day before you got outside and exercise. ...

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Back Pain and Lumbar Artery Disease: Part 5

Finally, the purpose in sharing the details behind Lumbar Artery Disease and Back Pain is not to scare is to inform you. As a Physical Therapist who has practiced many years and specializes in manual techniques, I have seen many, many patients who respond...

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Back Pain and Lumbar Artery Disease: Part 4

Now to continue the information regarding back pain and blood supply to your spine, we will show which symptoms have been seen related to which blood vessels. If you have decreased blood supply to the muscles around your spine, the resultant pain will be related to...

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Back Pain and Lumbar Artery Disease: Part 3

In the last 2 blogs, we have been talking about Back Pain and Lumbar Artery Disease. You have learned a little about endothelial cells that line your blood vessels and keep your circulation running well. When they get damaged (by saturated fats, cholesterol, oils)...

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Back Pain and Lumbar Artery Disease: Part 2

We informed you of Lumbar Artery Disease in my last blog and now we will look at how this occurs. Your blood vessels are lined with cells called endothelial cells. These cells are very busy little bees working hard at keeping things running smoothly. They are...

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Back Pain and Lumbar Artery Disease Blog (5 Parts) Part 1

Pain is the #1 reason people visit a doctor (aside from check-ups, medical updates, and post-surgical visits). Back pain occurs in 80% of the population at some time in their life. While there can be many reasons for back pain you may be surprised to learn that I have...

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When is Manual Physical Therapy Needed?

Manual therapy is when the Physical Therapist performs PT services by solely using their hands, in order to improve the patients movement and/or resolve pain.  When is Manual Therapy necessary?  The answer will generally vary greatly depending which Physical Therapist...

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Proper Diagnosis

Is it necessary for the physical therapist to get the correct diagnosis from the M.D.? For the most part, no!  The majority of the time, it makes no difference what the physician’s diagnosis is when it comes to the proper diagnosis for physical therapy.  This is...

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Less Time – More Money for Treatment?

Is it fair to you as a consumer to get less attention/treatment time for more money? In the physical therapy realm co-pays today are averaging $25-$30/visit. However, many clinics are now seeing 3-4 patients per hour. These physical therapists are unable to spend...

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