In the last 2 blogs, we have been talking about Back Pain and Lumbar Artery Disease. You have learned a little about endothelial cells that line your blood vessels and keep your circulation running well. When they get damaged (by saturated fats, cholesterol, oils) they become injured and inflammation occurs. This is the beginning of atherosclerosis which means you now have impaired circulation to any part of your body that blood vessel supplies.

If this is occurring in your lumbar arteries you will have impaired circulation to your spine. This has been shown in many studies to relate to back pain. If you have cardiovascular disease you may also have impaired blood supply to your spine. If you have chronic back pain you may have impaired blood supply to your spine.  In the next few blogs, we will tell the details of how the pain presents based on which part of the blood supply is affected.

Eileen Kopsaftis, PT, CHE, NE