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brunswickAt Brunswick Physical Therapy we evaluate and treat the dysfunction that stems from disease processes and surgical procedures. We strive to provide effective treatment to relieve your musculoskeletal problems and allow you to reach your goals.

We believe in a holistic approach to care, and our initial evaluation includes a comprehensive review of postural analysis, range of motion, and strength testing. Looking at every area of the body, we consider your overall health including your social, emotional and nutritional needs.

What sets us apart from other providers? Working with a skilled therapist, you will receive dedicated one-on-one service – and you will work with the same therapist at every visit!

Brunswick PT utilizes manual techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization as well as exercises that focus on restoring function. Manual techniques are used to release joint, muscle or nerve restrictions. We teach exercises known as Chain Reaction Transformation which is core integrated, meaning your entire body is used to treat any one area of pain or dysfunction. We will evaluate you and find what movements you can perform successfully. Our treatment then utilizes those successful movements as exercises to restore strength, mobility and relieve pain.

What is most exciting is that the exercises are similar to your movements during daily living. Whether you have had pain, stiffness or weakness for two weeks or ten years, Brunswick Physical Therapy can help you.

Peter St.Germain to date has treated both myself and my daughter.
Over the last year and a half Peter has been my physical therapist, treating
me pre-operatively and post operatively for a torn rotator cuff and tendonitis in
the shoulder and elbow. Since then he has helped me alleviate neck and back
pain also. When he is not treating me for my aches and pains he has been
treating my daughter for weak ankles and the two shoulder dislocations
that have come from her being very sports oriented.

He provides care that not only works to correct the immediate problem
but creates a basis for strength and balance in the body to help prevent
further injury. I would come back and/or bring any of my family to
Peter at Brunswick Physical Therapy.

- Jill G. Cropseyville, NY

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