“Bob’s professionalism and knowledge as well as his calm friendly disposition helped me feel at ease. I was able to trust the whole process even as my symptoms changed because he made me feel confident in his understanding of my condition. Thank you for helping me get back to the normal activities of life!”


-Kris D.

Brunswick PT is a great Place. All the staff are excellent and work hard to meet all your concerns. They explain all you questions so you understand why they have you do certain exercises.


-Robert B.


With the exercise program from Brunswick Physical Therapy, the progress is very fast and very good.  Every session is more challenging than the last and progress is checked at every session,  to make sure you are ready for the next.  My doctor was pleased with my progress in PT and wants me to continue the exercises on my own.   With the help of Brunswick Physical Therapy, I can now walk  (1) mile per day and more.  I believe with these exercises and walking I can do better than before my surgery.  Thanks!


~ Clark Edelmann


Peter St.Germain has treated both myself and my daughter. Over the last year and a half Peter has been my physical therapist, treating me pre-operatively and post operatively for a torn rotator cuff and tendonitis in the shoulder and elbow. Since then he has helped me alleviate neck and back pain also. When he is not treating me for my aches and pains he has been treating my daughter for weak ankles and the two shoulder dislocations that have come from her being very sports oriented.

He provides care that not only works to correct the immediate problem but creates a basis for strength and balance in the body to help prevent further injury. I would come back and/or bring any of my family to Peter at Brunswick Physical Therapy.

~ Jill G.


“I wanted to express my appreciation for your help and support to restore my back and eliminate the pain I was experiencing due to my disc problem. Often we are too busy to stop and say “thank you” when all goes well. I particularly want you to know that I am thankful for your skill and efforts on my behalf.”
~ Sol Goldstein


My name is Kym and I would like to share my experience here at Brunswick Physical Therapy.  I came here for a knee injury, after I started treatment with hard work and determination, my progress was outstanding.  The staff was very courteous and supportive in the process.  I could not have gotten to where I am, if they didn’t push me to my limits.  I am very thankful for them in my time of need.  Thanks Pete for going the extra mile!!


I injured (tore) my Achilles Tendon about 3 yrs ago.  I finally had surgery to repair the tendon in Dec. 2015.  I started Physical Therapy shortly after surgery at another P.T. location.  Right from the start the therapist there concentrated on the tendon instead of my core muscles and leg.  Consequently, about six weeks into my therapy I was told to do a certain move and I immediately fell, causing the tendon to retear.  I had surgery again in October of 2016, I decided to see Pete at the Brunswick Physical Therapy and he put me at ease right away.  Pete began to treat my leg as a whole instead of just the tendon.  I am now pain free and my leg is almost completely healed.  I cannot say enough great things about Pete!  I wish I had come to him after my first surgery, I firmly believe that I would not have needed the second surgery.  Thank you Pete, I am indebted to you!
~Paul Byrne


An orthopedic surgeon recommended that I get some physical therapy to help with lower back pain as well as chronic pain in my legs.  The treatment I have received at Brunswick PT has dramatically reduced the pain in my spine and in my hamstrings.  The staff at Brunswick PT is professional and friendly.  Additionally, I have been provided with a series of exercises that I can do at home to improve my health.  I would recommend Brunswick PT to anyone.
~Richard Salmon


I had broken my ankle, and the doctors kept telling me that my natural gait would return as time passes.  It never did.  I continued walking bent forward, most comfortable when leaning on something in front of me, like a grocery cart.  A year later when my hip started hurting, I complained to my primary doctor.  He sent me back to the surgeon who verified that everything was fine stucturally, and that doctor sent me to physical therapy.  Brunswick physical Therapy was closest to home on the list he had – but I was fortunate to go where I did, welcomed and feeling at home from the first day on.  I am now walking upright, with lifts in my shoes and with the opposite shoe built up; and I have an individualized exercise regimen to continue at home to keep me improving after the sessions have stopped.  Thank you Brunswick Physical Therapy!!!


“I have had a huge change in my pain level and flexibility. Very happy with the care from Becky.”

-Bonnie T.

I came to BPT after having right hip replacement. My Therapist Rebecca Kane was absolutely amazing and helped me so much. All staff here is polite and friendly. I would definitely return here in the future if needed.

-Rosemary D.

I tore my ACL playing basketball back in December and had surgery a month later in January 2017.  Two weeks following surgery, I started PT at Brunswick Physical Therapy.  My goal is to get back to living the same athletic life that I had prior to my injury.  Everyone at Brunswick Physical Therapy was great.  It was a very kind, welcoming atmosphere that was a pleasure to be in .  All of the exercises that Pete had me execute, both at therapy and at home, were very effective in helping me regain strength and motion in my knee and leg.  Every visit was different and Pete made sure to make it more challenging each time which kept it interesting and helped avoid it from becoming stagnant.  With all of their help, I was running again three months post surgery and I am continuing to improve in the hopes that I will resume playing all of the sports I was prior to my injury by July.  Thanks for everything!!!!
~Charles P. Snay

Eagle Mills

Little did I realize that taking my 86 yr. old mom to physical therapy would be helping me, too.The first thing Peter noticed when I brought my mom to him for back pain, was that I, too, was starting to bend forward when I walked.

Reality hit me hard. At 59, I had a visual reminder of what I might look like thirty years down the road if I didn’t start exercising my own back. Peter, thankfully, gave me some excellent, very do-able routines to fight the pull of gravity on my spine. Already I can feel a difference in the way I walk. I appreciate so much his skill, thoroughness, and kindness, in caring for two generations of slouchers! Hopefully I can avoid some of the pain and curvature my mom has had to deal with by targeting the problem at this stage of life, rather than waiting until I need a walker.

Hey~ maybe I won’t even need a walker!

~ DP


I highly recommend Brunswick Physical Therapy, and physical therapist Peter St. Germain. I went to him for treatment of a painful left elbow and the right side of my neck. The elbow pain was recent and the neck pain has been chronic. He really helped me with both issues. He is very well trained and skilled, and most importantly he LISTENS to you. He also tailors exercises to your personal lifestyle so you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. His office has a very casual feel to it and clients of all ages are treated there.
~ Andrea Lawrence


I was referred to Brunswick Physical Therapy by a friend, after completing physical therapy elsewhere with little results.  Pete took the time to stretch and move my arm/shoulder which was not done at the previous PT.  Pete made sure that each exercise and movements are done correctly and gave detailed photos and instructions for take home exercises.  Pete is a  great Physical Therapist, who genuinely cares about his patients and I would definitely return if I had any problems.


My injury was a broken left wrist from playing ball and for which I required surgery.  A metal plate was put into my wrist.  At about the time that I was able to wear only a brace, I started Physical Therapy at Brunswick with Eileen as my therapist.  At this time I was experiencing pain, stiffness, inflexibility and little strength.  Even carrying a book or small shopping bag was difficult.  Eileen gave me different exercises and techniques to help alleviate the pain,  which enabled me to do more exercises to get rid of the stiffness and gain strength.  Of course doing your home exercises is very important and I was given diagrams and papers that explained how to do the right techniques at home.  By the time I finished physical therapy, I no longer had any pain. Both my flexibility and strength had greatly improved.  At all times I found Eileen, Peter and the rest of the staff to be friendly and helpful.  My experience at Brunswick Physical thereapy was a pleasant one.

When I first started going to Brunswick Physical Therapy, I had pain in the top of my spine (bulging disk).   With all the help and right exercise, the pain is gone (unless I overdo it).  Great people at BPT, would recommend it to anyone.  Also, if the pain starts back up I  know that all I have to do is call and they will be right there to help.  Great Group!!!

I had been working with Peter for a few weeks last summer when he noticed a weakness on my right side, that hadn’t been noticeable previously.  I had been working on a lower back problem.  Peter suggested that I see a Neurologist and I did.  I then had back surgery last fall to repair L4 and L5.  After surgery I returned to peter and he gave me exercises to help me return to my baseline.  I am now able to do the activities that I hadn’t done in a long time…riding horseback and working out at the gym.  I can climb stairs with no pain and can use my core more effectively.  Thank You Peter!!!
~Susan Hayes

Berlin, NY

“I am so happy that I went to therapy at BPT for my frozen shoulder My therapist Becky is awesome. She helped me so much! I can say I am pain free! The kindness the whole staff at BPT shows is wonderful. I would highly recommend BPT. Thanks Becky!”

-Laura V.

I have been a patient for a long time. The employees know what they are doing and make you comfortable. I am a voluntary patient and feel that the work I do here is a great help to me in preforming everyday task.

-Lewis Z.

“I have been a patient of Brunswick Physical Therapy for three months. When I started therapy I was having severe pain in my lower back. BPT spent the time to assess my problem and then spent time and energy to treat my pain in a natural way using physical adjustment methods which truly helped my condition. I appreciated that BPT took the time to solve my problem instead of prescribing medicine to mask the issue. I highly recommend Brunswick Physical Therapy.”
~ B. Dennis


The staff and Peter are terrific!!  My balance, fractures and falls are never too much for Peter to tackle.  My diagnosis of MS many years ago was a challenge for me, but Peter never gives up.  He and his staff are extremely supportive and I am always welcomed back.

Sand Lake

Thank you Pete for a professional, wonderful rehabilitation for my rotator cuff after surgery!  You were always about doing more than required by the surgery and the recovery.  I appreciate your attitude and friendship!

West Sand Lake

Thanks again Peter for everything you’re doing for my mom. Here is something she has written to encourage you, and hopefully help others, too:

“I am currently undergoing physical therapy with Peter St. Germaine. I am an 86 1/2 yr. old mother of 5 daughters, 15 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. I am also a survivor of a laminectomy and further physical complications. I am so grateful to Peter for his expertise and training in helping to alleviate my lower back spinal pain, for which I thought there would be no help.”

~ Ann


After many unsuccessful attempts at relieving my lower back pain issues, my doctor referred me to PT and  I began seeing Pete, at Brunswick Physical Therapy.  At that time, I was experiencing chronic lower back pain so severe that it kept me awake at night.  Getting out of the bed in the morning was a chore…sometimes requiring my husband’s help.  As the day went on I could move better, but ended up in the same manner each night.  At 61, the daily activities of watching a 16 month old got the best of me.  Once I started seeing Pete, it didn’t take long to begin sleeping through the night again without issues.  He set me up with an exercise program that would stretch out the areas needed and help me stay more limber.  During the visits, he manually worked on loosening up tight areas that were causing my discomfort.  I went for a total of 8 visits, and I can honestly say that I felt the relief after only 3, with me following my exercise program faithfully.  Pete listened carefully to my concerns and was able to address my issues with the appropriate treatments needed to allow me to function with minimal discomfort.  He also mad me realize that the issue I had would never totally go away (due to the presence of arthritis), but if I continued doing my daily exercises, I could remain more limber and avoid the tightness problems I was experiencing.  I am so happy I went to Brunswick Physical Therapy and got to work with Pete.  He is very knowledgeable, but most importantly sympathetic and reassuring.
~Katherine L. Sheffer

Hoosick Falls

I have suffered from sciatica on and off in the past, but my last bout was pretty severe.  Because I had been through it before, I didn’t see an MD, I just took NSAIDS and leftover muscle relaxers.  However, it left me with a very bad limp,  I couldn’t walk much without getting tired out and it lasted for weeks.  I finally saw my MD and Ortho MD and was told to start Physical Therapy.  I didn’t realize Brunswick Physical Therapy was so close to my home and decided to give them a try.  I had been to 3 other facilities in my life and never experienced the personal attention I received here.  I no longer limp, have no pain and can walk/shop without being tired out.  The ongoing exercise program at home seems to be maintaining my progress.  Pete was caring and personable and a very capable therapist.  I  am so glad that I didn’t go to my usual therapy places, they are much more friendly at Brunswick PT, and not business as usual.

A week after having knee replacement surgery, I began physical therapy at Brunswick PT.  I worked closely with Pete, and he was wonderful!  When I first started therapy, I was still experiencing a great deal of post-op pain.  I was appreciative that Pete was able to start me off slowly, with simple exercises.  I was able to complete these exercises at physical therapy and also at home on my own.  Gradually, Pete worked me up to completing more strenuous exercises, which were highly effective in helping me regain both strength and range of motion in my knee.  Over the course of my time at Brunswick PT, Pete was patient with me, carefully monitoring that I was properly completing each exercise.  It is evident that both Pete and his team sincerely care about their patients, treating them more like family.  After only 7 weeks of therapy, I was walking without crutches and climbing stairs with ease.  I would highly recommend Brunswick Physical Therapy to everyone!!

~Rose Anne O’Connor