Is it fair to you as a consumer to get less attention/treatment time for more money? In the physical therapy realm co-pays today are averaging $25-$30/visit. However, many clinics are now seeing 3-4 patients per hour. These physical therapists are unable to spend individual time and perform the best quality treatments in such short time periods.

Physical therapists are constantly battling with quality care for their patients. At Brunswick Physical Therapy, we are committed to spend more time with each individual patient. We are allowing a full hour for evaluations.  Most of our competitors are allowing generally only 30 minutes for evaluations.  Brunswick Physical Therapy is also scheduling 30 minutes per treatment while most of our competitors are only scheduling 15-20 minutes for treatments.

Some clinics are able to get away with seeing three patients per hour. However, they are only able to do this because they have significant support staff such as aides that assist the PT. Brunswick Physical Therapy abides by its mission and philosophy which includes utilizing manual therapy, and functional exercise. These methods of treatment require additional time with you, the patient.

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~ Peter St.Germain, PT