Finally, the purpose in sharing the details behind Lumbar Artery Disease and Back Pain is not to scare you…it is to inform you. As a Physical Therapist who has practiced many years and specializes in manual techniques, I have seen many, many patients who respond well to treatment, recover from pain and restore function. I have also seen many, many patients who do not. Those, I believe, were due to decreased lumbar circulation. The biggest challenge with diagnosis is that the lumbar arteries are ‘hidden’ behind the mesenteric arteries and difficult to observe with medical imaging.

The take away here is that eating to nourish your body and protect your endothelial cells just may resolve your back pain. The good news is that it took years to create the problem, but improvement can be seen (and felt) in just weeks for some and months for others. No amount of medications, tests, or procedures will restore circulation – BUT EATING A WHOLE FOODS PLANT-BASED DIET WILL!

Eileen Kopsaftis, PT CHE, NE