Have you heard of The McKenzie Method and wondered “What is this and would it be the right treatment for me”?  If you suffer from spine pain with or without tingling and numbness in the arms or legs, then yes, the McKenzie Method could be right for you.

A major principle of the McKenzie Method is putting a patient through a series of movements to determine if there are certain movements that may relieve pain.  These movements can then become exercises that the patient can perform repeatedly throughout the day to help alleviate the pain.  Patients are also instructed in proper sitting and standing postures to help reduce stress to the spine and prevent worsening of their symptoms.

Self-treatment is a large component of this method, however if a patient’s progress plateaus the therapist may perform overpressure or mobilizations to help relieve the pain and continue to improve motion.  The ultimate goal is to have the patient perform exercises independently so they can monitor their symptoms and prevent further injury.

Not everyone will benefit from this method, but everyone deserves a thorough evaluation.  If you would like to see if this method works for you, call the office and schedule an appointment with me.  I have been McKenzie Certified since 2008 and I would love to to see if I can help relieve your spine pain and teach you how to potentially avoid further injury to you spine.

~ Rebecca V. Kane, MS, PT; cert MDT