Research shows that posture actually relates to how long you will live! This puts a whole new meaning to “Sit up Straight”, doesn’t it?!

A University of London study published in 2006 looked at 4,000 men. They found that those who lost height as they aged — that is, their posture worsened over time — were far more likely to die prematurely from cardiovascular or respiratory conditions than their counterparts who maintained a fully upright carriage.

Women don’t get off the hook as a study done in 2004 showed hyperkyphosis (think hump) in men and women leads to impaired pulmonary function and other adverse health outcomes.

When you have poor posture it’s because your muscles have shortened and weakened, and you are now putting more pressure and stress on structures not meant to experience pressure. There is no magic pill to fix posture, but it can improve miraculously with the right movements and strategies!

~Eileen Kopsaftis, PT