Fibromyalgia Syndrome affects the muscles and soft tissues of your body.  Symptoms include chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems and painful, tender trigger points which can be relieved through medications, exercise, lifestyle changes and stress management.

My wife has lived with Fibromyalgia pain for over 20 years.  So, very early on in my career I took an interest in this syndrome, in hopes that I could alleviate some of her pain through physical therapy.  Over the years, I have taught her how to relieve symptoms of pain and stiffness in everyday life.  I have given her a Home Exercise Program tailored to build her strength and improve her range of motion.  I have used massage and myofascial release to help control her deep muscle pain  I have taught her “Core Exercises”, so that she doesn’t overuse her extremities (arms and legs).  Also, I have helped guide her to make sensible decisions about her daily activities that will help prevent painful flare-ups, for example; watching posture, not overdoing activities, slow stretching and relaxation exercises to help improve muscle flexibility and reduce muscle tension.

My wife also finds daily meditation to be very therapeutic and I would recommend that to anyone with Fibromyalgia.  Meditation reduces stress and helps with sleep, that can have a big impact on widespread muscle pain and fatigue.

~ Peter St.Germain, PT