Impaired lumbar artery (blood supply to your spine) circulation is seen to relate to degenerative disc disease and back pain. While everyone knows that their circulation is necessary for a healthy heart and brain; few people understand how important it is for a healthy spine. Back pain is the second most common cause for disability in the United States. While there is more than one reason for back pain you may be surprised to learn that impaired circulation can be a major contributing factor. Your body has many miles of blood vessels and they all matter. There has been a focus for decades on circulation to your heart and your brain; but what about your spine?

You have heard the term Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) but have you heard about Lumbar Artery Disease? Dr. Leena Kauppila (Finland) has performed extensive research for decades studying the relationship between CVD and back pain. Her work shows how impaired lumbar circulation correlates to pain and serious issues like degenerative disc disease. She has published numerous studies. Her work shows, among other issues, how atherosclerosis relates to back pain. What is seen is the greater the blockage observed, the greater the disc degeneration was also seen.

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