Saturated fats, all oils, and dietary cholesterol damage your endothelial cells, affecting the production of nitric oxide, which negatively impacts ALL your blood vessels; not just the vessels to your heart and brain. Your joints, neck, and back are also impacted. The same foods that harm your endothelial cell function are also high in calories which can negatively impact your ideal weight goals.

Saturated or hydrogenated fats are typically solid at room temperature (butter, margarine) and eating these foods can harm your endothelial cells. Consuming oils (including olive oil) will do the same thing. There are no healthy oils. They all impede circulation.

Anything with a face or a mother has saturated fat and cholesterol and NO fiber. This includes cheese which is typically ~70% fat, most of which is saturated! High fat foods include salmon. If you think salmon is a health food because of the media blitz regarding salmon, or ‘low fat’ cheese is good for you, please do your research. Low fat labels are very misleading. Low-fat cheese is still over 1/3 fat which is well over the 10-15% advised for protecting your health and your circulation.

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