While manual movements and methods that are effective in pain resolution are what we at Brunswick Physical Therapy are skilled at performing, there is an important topic to address over which you have complete control (once you know the facts). It is how what you eat either promotes pain and inflammation in your body or fights pain and inflammation.

Let’s look at three ways diet promotes pain and chronic inflammation in your body; fat consumption, over-consuming foods high in arachidonic acid, and carrying excess weight.

Fat consumption harms your circulation. Your blood vessels are lined with endothelial cells. These cells are busy little bees working hard at keeping things running smoothly. They are responsible for producing nitric oxide which dilates your blood vessels (the opposite of constricting or narrowing) and keeping blood flow optimal which provides much needed oxygen and nutrition to all your cells as well as removes toxins and all the yucky stuff you don’t want sticking around. So, if these cells are so important, don’t you think you need to keep them protected from damage?

I hear you saying “Yes, but how do I do that?” The answer is simple. A low fat, whole food, plant-based diet will help to protect those important little cells from damage; and NO you don’t need to be vegan.