Charles P. Snay Testimonial

I tore my ACL playing basketball back in December and had surgery a month later in January 2017.  Two weeks following surgery, I started PT at Brunswick Physical Therapy.  My goal is to get back to living the same athletic life that I had prior to my injury.  Everyone at Brunswick Physical Therapy was great.  It was a very kind, welcoming atmosphere that was a pleasure to be in .  All of the exercises that Pete had me execute, both at therapy and at home, were very effective in helping me regain strength and motion in my knee and leg.  Every visit was different and Pete made sure to make it more challenging each time which kept it interesting and helped avoid it from becoming stagnant.  With all of their help, I was running again three months post surgery and I am continuing to improve in the hopes that I will resume playing all of the sports I was prior to my injury by July.  Thanks for everything!!!!

~Charles P. Snay