In our practice, we see many elderly patients every year due to falls.  I would like to teach you a few simple exercises to help you get up, in the event of a fall.  The first 2 exercises can be done on your bed or the floor.

#1)  Lying on your back, simply roll over onto your stomach.  Then return to your back. (repeat 3-5 times)

#2)  Now roll onto your stomach again.  Push your body up, onto your hands and knees.  Then return down to your belly.  Repeat pushing your body up and down from your belly to your hands and knees. (repeat this 3-5 times)

If you are able to get on your hands and knees, then in the event of a fall, you should most likely be able to crawl to a chair or sofa to help you get to standing or at least into a chair.

Now for the next part of the exercise, go to your living room and kneel in front of a sofa or chair.

#3) Place your hands on the chair and lift one knee and place your foot flat on the floor so your are now down on one knee.  Push yourself up with your hands and legs into standing.  Then return down onto one knee.  (repeat 3-5 times)

~ Peter St.Germain, PT