A week after having knee replacement surgery, I began physical therapy at Brunswick PT.  I worked closely with Pete, and he was wonderful!  When I first started therapy, I was still experiencing a great deal of post-op pain.  I was appreciative that Pete was able to start me off slowly, with simple exercises.  I was able to complete these exercises at physical therapy and also at home on my own.  Gradually, Pete worked me up to completing more strenuous exercises, which were highly effective in helping me regain both strength and range of motion in my knee.  Over the course of my time at Brunswick PT, Pete was patient with me, carefully monitoring that I was properly completing each exercise.  It is evident that both Pete and his team sincerely care about their patients, treating them more like family.  After only 7 weeks of therapy, I was walking without crutches and climbing stairs with ease.  I would highly recommend Brunswick Physical Therapy to everyone!!

~Rose Anne O’Connor